Clinical picture

Tightness, pain and fatigue in the legs are typical signs of lipedema.

Signs and symptoms

Lipoedema is a chronic disease. The pathological fat distribution disorder is mainly found on the thighs and lower legs and in the hip area. In some cases, the arms are also affected. The symptoms can be treated and reduced through consistent therapy. In principle, however, lipoedema cannot be cured.

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  • Burning or aching legs even with little exertion

  • Long walks, standing or sitting causes an uncomfortable feeling of pressure in the legs

  • Unequal circumference ratio between the upper and lower body

  • Hands and feet are unaffected by this disproportion

  • Even light touching of the affected areas leads to severe pain and bruising (hematoma)

  • Neither exercise nor a change in diet bring about improvement

  • Saddlebags or cellulite form on the hips, buttocks or thighs

Therapy options

Individually tailored combination of conservative and surgical therapies bring the desired maximum success.

Living with lipedema

Stay active! Make your life with lipoedema more comfortable with small adjustments and simple therapies.