Lipedema treatment
without surgery

Lipoedema treatment without surgery

In compression therapy, controlled pressure is applied to the affected tissue. Therapists use special hand movements during lymphatic drainage to relieve swelling in the arms and legs.

KPE- conservative therapy

KPE (complex physical decongestion therapy) is a combination of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) and individually fitted compression stockings. The aim of this drainage treatment is to take the pressure pain out of the fatty tissue of the lipoedematous arms and legs. An improvement in circumference or even fat reduction is not to be expected. In addition to KPE, the patient should support the conservative therapy with skin care and exercise.


Many patients wear compression garments for years before an operation in order to keep the edema under control to some extent. But that usually doesn’t change anything about the basic problem. The compression garment can help reduce the edema and associated side effects. Wearing compression underwear does not change the fat distribution disorder.

Compression underwear is particularly advantageous for longer standing or sitting activities, which can often lead to swelling of the legs. Custom-made compression garments are often required due to the shape of the extremities or sagging skin.

Manual lymph drainage

Lymphatic drainage is used to help the soft tissue to expel at least part of the excess fluid. The tissue usually feels softer for the patient afterwards and also suffers less from the effects of tissue pressure. The effect is supported by wearing compression pants.

In addition to manual lymphatic drainage, compression therapy can be a good additional option for your own four walls, to spontaneously support the success of conservative measures after a hard day.