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Lipedema is a disease in which there is a fat distribution disorder in legs and arms.

Patient testimonies

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My lipedema journey

My lipedema journey: After losing weight without a change in leg circumference and the resulting sobering diagnosis of lipedema, I started lymphatic drainage and regular wearing of the prescribed flat-knit compression. In addition, my phlebologist told me that surgery was the only thing that could help me. So I diligently did all the conservative therapy I was prescribed and advised, but achieved only moderate success.

Field report by
Ms. W.

Lipedema stage 1-2

type 3 – thigh and lower leg

Because I did not want to spend my life with this pain and compression, after almost 6 months it was clear that I wanted to have surgery. Now the search for a surgeon started. The internet named me some known private clinics. At the same time, I spoke with a friend who recommended Dr. Walgenbach to me because she was very satisfied with her surgery. So I made an appointment with him as well. I went there full of anticipation, but also with many questions about the initial consultation.

The competence, the empathy and understanding and above all the passion for his job shown by Dr. Walgenbach impressed me and I immediately felt that I was in good hands. After I had processed all the impressions, I immediately called all the other clinics the next day, canceled the appointments and agreed with Dr. Walgenbach on my surgery date. Everything went very quickly and smoothly. Appointments, explanations, preliminary discussions. And then the day came when Dr. Walgenbach would change my life with this surgery.

As usual, he greeted me warmly and friendly in the operating theater. He explained the marking to me in great detail and very patiently discussed everything with me again. The anesthetists with their easy-going manner also helped to calm my nerves. And off we went. When I woke up I was doing very well and all I wanted was to see my legs. The doctor came by personally in the evening and together, we took a look under the covers. I couldn’t believe that these were my legs, but I am realizing every day that Dr. Walgenbach is my lipedema hero. The ward where I was staying was also very nice and the nurses were all friendly and always helpful. The healing process is much easier and more relaxed than you read about on the Internet and I am more than satisfied with the result in terms of pain and aesthetics.

Field report by
Ms. V.

lipedema stage 3

type 4, arms and legs affected

My life with lipedema –
since I was 13 years old

I am 51 years old and have three children. Twins aged 29 and one 28-year old.

In my youth, I did a lot of sport (football, horse riding, swimming, badminton, gym, etc.) and already noticed then that my body didn’t break down fat. After the birth of my children, the clinical picture worsened.

My body swelled up a lot from time to time, so that I could hardly move. As a result, I went to my family doctor and he said, “That I had nothing.” I found a new family doctor and he prescribed lymphatic drainage. The physiotherapy was overwhelmed with me, I should apply for a rehab and do it.

At the clinic I really learned about the clinical picture and was educated there. I was discharged from the clinic with a full body stocking and Lymphomat. I had to come back every year for rehabilitation.

In the next years my life was based on:

Lymphomat three times a day for at least 60 minutes per session.
Manual lymphatic drainage twice a week for 90 minutes
All day whole body stocking

My life was more than limited, it was hell. My weight increased from year to year. Every diet or change of eating did not lead to any weight reduction.

My life became more restricted from year to year:

I could hardly sleep because I thought I was drowning.
I could hardly move because of the pain
There were no more clothes for me to buy, I had to sew or alter everything myself because I am so shapeless.

At my last visit to the dentist I wanted to have a new bite splint made. The dentist prescribed lymphatic drainage for my face and head, otherwise she couldn’t make me a new bite splint.

I am a risk factor for surgery. My blood count is unique. I don’t get blood donations, it has to be mixed on.

In the meantime, I have had two surgeries:

  • Front thigh
  • Relief when walking and I no longer have pressure on my body.
  • Arms and shoulder
  • All T-shirts are too big for me

I have noticed that my metabolism is working better again. My body hair and fingernails are growing again and no longer breaking off.

Dr. Walgenbach and his team are very attentive to the patients and explain everything in an understandable way (clinical picture and procedure of the surgery).

In conclusion I would like to mention: I also went to another doctor to get a second opinion. She was probably overwhelmed with me. I should have a gastric bypass made and first lose 60 kg, before she performs surgery and that for a well-known clinic that treats this disease.